Monday, November 06, 2006

Never Turn Your Back

This morning I went to the bathroom. I was gone two minutes, tops. I had the children nicely seated at the table eating their breakfast. And when I returned...

All of the canned goods had been removed from the lazy susan cabinet.

A bag of apples had been removed from the fridge and each one had a bite mark in it.

A cup of soy milk lay overturned on the table creating a lovely, sticky, white waterfall flowing off the edge of the table into the floor.

Philip had at least four grapes smashed on his head.

Helen was eating some sliced turkey.

The dishwasher was open.

There were three pans and two large spoons in the floor.

So, here is my theory. I do not believe that the two of them could have accomplished this is such a short time. I believe they have an army of baby fiends lurking in corners, in cabinets and under furniture. Whenever I leave the room, all the babies emerge to wreck havoc upon the house. When they hear me coming, they flee. Certainly, these are magical babies. But I cannot imagine how my own two children could inflict this much damage in the amount of time it takes me use the restroom.

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